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Letters to Kids For Holidays

Image Expressed LLC & Andi-Rain Photography aka AndiRain Designs is offering Personalized Santa, Grinch, Mrs. Claus, and Elf letters for Kids. Letters will be Mailed out through USPS by December 10th 2023. Prices are 12.00 each and we will begin taking orders at Brunch with the Grinch @ the MESSY BUN on November 18th. You can email us a pic if you would like it added to your letter for Characters to mention moments in the letter. These letters are meant to boost the spirit of wonder and the magic of giving throughout the season. Included with your letter will be a surprise small gift for you child. and a picture of your chosen character autographed. These letters are printed on old Fashioned paper. envelope has an I.E. designed specialty stamp and you will receive them discreetly so that you can put them in their stockings, on the tree, or in their santa delivery stacks for Christmas Morning bonus! Samples Coming Soon!!

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